King of the Shattered Glass

King of the Shattered Glass is a beautifully illustrated parable of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This tale of God’s Mercy and Forgiveness is a perfect tool for young families, catechists or elementary school teachers to share the transforming power of God’s healing love.

We follow Marguerite through the stages of the heart that eventually leads to true contrition based on love. The presentation of these concepts is done in a period setting, using the medieval background of glass blowers, and life in a medieval castle.

Great preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

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In 12th -13th century Europe, glass was precious and rare. Olivero the Merchant captivates the King’s interest in the exquisite beauty of glass, eventually finding a glass maker for the kingdom. Scullery maid Marguerite, a 7-year-old orphan, breaks the King’s glass three times – through temper, the pride of a dare, and selfishness. In simple obedience and honesty, Marguerite brings the broken pieces to the King in accordance with his law. The rest of the kitchen staff buries the King’s glass when they break it. Marguerite learns about mercy from the King who comes to cherish her. Ultimately, the King has all Marguerite’s broken shards of glass made into a stained-glass window depicting him placing a crown on Marguerite; she becomes his adopted heir.

The characters in this book include courageously honest Marguerite, the soft-hearted bully of the kitchen, Master Chef Louis, the marvelous merchant Olivero, Giovanni the rascal, son of the Glass Master, and finally the King, a paternal Christ figure of wisdom, compassion and forgiveness.